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    in the new rider section or on the front of the website somewhere… maybe put a pic of the brand new riders.(changing the pic ea week with each new rider showing up) riders who are there for the first time.. in ct at one track they make a special announcement before racing starts to introduce the new/first time riders so everyone knows who they are… this way ppl can help out offer suggestions and just plain out be neighborly… it makes the newbie feel welcome and then other parents can approach them easier when they know who they are…if you have a weekly “newbie” section on the site maybe post the pic of the new riders somewhere there.. it may make the parents go to the website ( if only to see thier riders pic) then they discover all the other info while they are there….


    also… as a new parent i found the most frustrating thing was finding a bike shop that had a clue about bmx racing components… not everyone that races at cj is from the area and after driving around in a panic state quite a few times looking for the elusive 20 x1 1/8 tube( during the week after dan got a flat bitd) i used to say to myself that i wished we had a bmx friendly bike shop close to home…

    some will carry only a few items but some dont even know what you are talking about to order the right thing…. so most resort to mail order and i feel supporting the local shops is the better way to go…

    if the website had a list of shops around the state who were “supportive to bmx” and you can define this however you want , i think the parents would be so grateful… just listing the name/address/ contact info would help new parents ( hey you can even list those who wish to be sponsors??)

    you folks who live near sc’s shop dont know how good you have it.. lol

    we used to use cyclecraft in parsippany so much for our bmx needs (location)and then eventually got them to become one of our state team sponsors…just a thought

    you have alot of choices like chip and dales, sc’s, high gear, etc would be nice if all the nj tracks had this list on their websites for general info esp for new parents…. hey i know a parent who popped 3 tubes just trying to get the darn thing on for the first time…haha(no, not us) she finally went to the shop and let them do it…


    Im here ready and willing !!!!! just need some sort of return / support to keep bmx stuff around cant just buy stuff to look at ,also I notice people that say they have no local shop once they find one still end up with mail order products then they jump on the well it was cheaper even with out asking the shop or figuring the knowledge and mechanical abilty and install…. OH forget it Im going to dans comp


    once you frequent a shop( at least i have found) and establish a relationship ( like rods) its easeir to just pop in and get something fixed or get a part… ithink initially parents dont know where to go…older riders its a different story but just say the new little guys…those parts are really specialized and even if they go to the shop and get advice its better than ordering alot of parts that dont fit online… we were lucky my husb had somewhat of a working knowlege of bike parts stuff ( he used to work in victory cycles way way back when he was a youngin) so he would try to figure it out first… then go search for a shop…

    but think aobut the younger guys switchng from minis to jr to experts all need new sized parts on a reg basis…. and what headset size is for what? oh the seat post wont fit on that frame?? haha its a parents worst nightmare…

    so i am all for getting more local shop support…oh i almost forgot we even used to frequent vernon bicycles bitd ( he was a powerlite dealer too when they were the latest race frames) so no distance is too far for a bmx parent ( at least the psycho ones…haha)

    personally i love the fact that high gear is sponsoring the flemington track p lus you have rod there every week helping out with questions which is a HUGE asset. i hope they know how lucky they are and give him some sort of recognition at years end….


    rodney is the best bike mechanic i know.


    19 years in the industry DROP that I know crap from that line


    Yea, um..
    how about…
    what do I need to race
    what do I need to sign up
    do i need to race if i just want to practice
    what type of bike do i need
    what type of clothing do i need
    “where can i get bike parts”, I would assume if they are at the track or heading to our website, they already know where to get a bike or parts…remember this is a NEWB, i.e.. I have my walmart goose I want to race. i don’t want to tell them, well to race, go get a better bike.
    bike shop sponsors will be welcome at the site….

    I need questions like I just put out, that i wouldn’t think to ask.


    all that is a given brett… haha sorry

    bmx-supported bike shop list on the site would def be helpful. getting a walmart bike is fine in the beginning but not everyone starts out that way.(plus some arent cheap either nowadays) for some may be a stock race bike may be the way to go if its used or the shop gives them a deal…

    we did hand me downs the first 2 yrs (or used) our shops helped out tremendously with parts so it wasnt expensive….

    dale do you remember selling dan his first mini “bear claw” frame? dont remember who made it…. it was sweet


    The phone # to the track right on top somewhere where it is easily seen.

    Also, the most commonly accessed items should not be 2, 3, or 4 pages deep on a website. that stuff should be pretty easily seen right up front.


    sorry if this was mentioned already. …but on cj site there is a “the race is on or off” depending on cancellation/ weather whatever.. having that up front nice and big is GREAT!


    If the site has forums, which I don’t think each track should have, too many sites to check every day. LOL – we should be covered with Brokenspokes and the njforums.

    But can we get some spelling and grammar checks on forums? We need to set a better example for the kids. Ant is killing us, most recently “jersey’s are hot” should be “jerseys are hot”.


    spell check…now that,

    is a tough one, lol.

    I can only imagine the written word 100 years from now…


    word to burger G naw mean son feeeelmeeeee !!! welcome to the end of the world first we kill the language then ……..


    I acn psell infe atwh si uroy mbleprob? evK? 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Yes my typing sucks And I try to check but alot of times I am on the computer when i am dead tired. And i miss the typos.Or i am at work sneaking some computer time in.


    CJBMX.org reboots Jan 1 2008.
    (Dan, you just reminded me of something I need to put on the CJ site)

    NJBMXRACING.org comes at you by the end of January 2008.
    (We need an extra month cause we didn’t get our domain name figured out till now.)
    Look for a placeholder at njbmxracing.org by the end of the week.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.

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