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    Mike Gul is a riot. He went from Pony tail to crew cut to shaved head now. We had two full gates of eight in Vet and can you believe Rupe didn’t make the main either day?!?!?! Neither did Madden or Downey. That’s heavy.

    I’m watching Farside’s race and hear the announcer say Gorgeous George is in front of him. Holy color control, I haven’t heard that name since 89! Gorgeous George Goodall is back but Farside beat him both days for the win.

    In amateur, Jeremy Smith was on the outside coming around the first turn battling for first when he got taken out. That’s okay, he’s still the shizz and if he stays with this stuff, he’ll be the AA everyone is talking about in 2017. I guess saver stamps are worth more than I think because those little ABA kids will KILL for them. Bring your elbow pads.

    I don’t know Derosa at all and I don’t even know if he races cruiser but I saw him win 20″ on Sunday. Another potential AA. The next eight years should be interesting.

    In 13x, Delaware’s Austin Loebe screwed up Saturday but on Sunday showed his normal self and SMOKED THE LIVING HELL out of 13x. He’s another one that will be AA if he doesn’t give up BMX for football, motocross, cars, girls, UNIX administration, whatever.

    14X is a riot. I believe Buck Taylor from Cedar, PA won both days. There’s a six foot ape named Sebastian Torbert in that class that everybody hates. Another one of the Floridians staying with me, Will Grant is way faster than the rest of that class but was choking and couldn’t put it together either day. On Saturday Sebastian tried to put him over the first turn so Will came back and took him out in the second turn. They almost went at it right on the track. We heard about that all night. Too funny.

    Kyle Kellner finally put it together and got 2nd in 15x on Sunday. It’s about time ya freak!

    17-18X was heavy too. Kelty didn’t get a hot gate but he kept picking people off around the track until the last turn where Travis Jurrell left three inches open on the inside and that was all Kelty needed. Kelty muscled his way in and Jurrell went down in the process. Jurrell was HOT and wanted to fight. His whole team wanted to back him up. Even the moms. It was an aggressive move but that’s BMX. Maybe it was too aggressive. I don’t know what my opinion on that is.

    Can you believe Frank Klimecki bought an ABA license for the first time in twenty years and raced. Frank’s no dummy. He won his second round on Sunday and got 2nd or 3rd in the main.

    I did not see Cassidy Cox, Taylor Farside or Leadslead race all weekend so somebody else will have to report on them.

    I have video of pros and some ams which I will post soon.

    Unfortunately it was cold and windy but it was the shizz anyway. All the AAs and Vets looking for a title were there, everybody was raving about the turns, Leadsled and Don did a first and rounded up some holeshot money on their own, everybody was drooling over the motocross and it was ABA so it ran ON TIME.

    How do they do that?


    Excellent Dave!
    This deserves to be frontpage material….and it is.
    Well on the way to writing for BMX World.
    Or would you rather write for BT?


    There wasn’t much to my racing this weekend. In the main on Saturday I passed 4 people to 3rd place in the first corner. I had the outside gate and was stuck out on the first straight. On the double out I manualled and caught a strong wind in the back. The front end never came down as the wind kept blowing. I hit the second lip of the double with the rear tire and got launched out into the flat on my ass.

    Sunday, round one I took an easy lap since there was no practice and I didn’t know how well I could ride after Saturdays fall. Round two I flipped the gate and that ended my weekend. O-Gorman, one of the Kovachi guys and Cheyenne also flipped the gate. Kelty hit it as did Stumphauser. It seemed a little slow on Sunday compared to Saturday.

    Gates for the weekend were 8-4-7 and 8-4-6. Not very good ones to have.


    dave..you HAVE to get a job writing for bt..your stories are so much better than the nat stories they put in lately……. esp all the little personal tid bits that goes along w/knowing all the riders..

    great job!!

    hey when are the rk cruisers coming out? had a couple ppl ask danny about them any news when they will be available??


    What class was Klimiecki riding in???


    OK, I’ll apply for the job of editor of BT but it’s gonna look awfully funny seeing ABA race reports in the NBL’s paper.


    BT….=Highlights for BMX
    (we all remember Highlights right?)


    On that note…and I just want to say I really enjoy BMX World…
    Can anyone explain why they put that pic of Bennett with his eyes closed on the cover?
    The other half of the gatefold rocked…but a guy with his eyes closed on the cover…I dunno, I wouldn’t have done it.
    LMAO, but then you’ve all seen what I deem to be “cover worthy”


    Um what about writing for the BMXL Inside Line?


    My Delaware tattoo:

    Thats right on the end of the hip bone. I’ve been having a tough time with this one, I might have to go to the doc and see what up.


    Nice one !!! were you wearing hip pads ??? I don’t know how much they would help but i never ride without them

    That stinks your home nat. didn’t go good for ya . I was there for your 2nd moto sat. , you got the holeshot then came unclipped on the first jump got clipped in on the first turn and held the lead . You had the speed , just no luck !!


    Jess, I am thinking of investing in a pair of these padded shorts (seriously). See this link:



    Yeah, my little black cloud was following me around. Thats 3 in a row, Worlds, NBL Grands and then this past weekend. Hopefully it is rained out.

    I have the 661 bomber shorts but they do not fit under my current pants. They have the thin foam hip protectors. If we are updating uniforms I will know before too long after the ABA Grands so I will wait until then to get a pair of pants they can fit under. I don’t want to buy a new set and then have us change colors like last year.

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