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    bring extra coolers too.. ima have 5 thirty packs of pbr:)

    i wont crash this truck.. its a beer truck…






    Is there any chance that the ABA covered the track for this weekend?


    I went out during lunch on Wednesday and helped cover the track. They uncovered it last night to let the air get to it.


    You…aired out the track?
    I dunno somewhere there, there is a joke….


    The track needed to be aired out as there were a couple of spots where the tarp seams leaked.

    Much like Bretts underoo situation. Are you going Batman or Spiderman this weekend? 😆


    Brett, with the posi rear skid marks 😯


    Delaware is the bomb! 114 motos, a BOATLOAD of pros, motocross goin on in the background. We even had a stealth bomber fly over. I’ve never seen one of them before. It looks like a UFO. Mike Kapes won A pro. Delizia screwed up his gate in the first round so he just couldn’t get it done. Farside won. Jeremy Smith won cruiser and I’m told he got second on 20″ but I just can’t believe that. Derosa won 20″. Caveman did awful.

    Delaware is the bomb. If you’re not here, you’re retarded.


    and i drank beer and picked ledsled up off the ground and offered him a beer.. which he declined 🙁

    bad jesse


    i guess PBR isn’t his choice of energy drink, HAM


    @Caveman wrote:

    Delaware is the bomb. If you’re not here, you’re retarded.

    …or married….

    Nah…my wife’s cool with my racing, but the family needed a break. See y’all on the 28th!


    exactly what factory pros showed and how they do?

    exactly how did the Caveman do??????


    14 AAs, 16 As, 16 Vets and six Girl Pros were there.

    Leadslead and Don rounded up a special $1000 holeshot award for the lady pros EACH day. Alise the Beast got it Saturday by one foot over Hayashi. Sunday, they split the pot 750/250 for first and second. Alise got the holeshot and Arielle Martin got second. Alise the Beast pocketed $1750 just in holeshot money for the weekend. Much like Jeff Upshaw and Scotty Cranmer, she used to be on Road Kill. That’s the secret to success boys and girls so go out and order your frame now.

    In AA, Bubba, Stumpy, Bennett, DR, Nobles, Becerine, Brabant, Moeller, Caluag, Lange, Rogers, Tyler Brown, and Kenth Fallen were there. Stumpy and Bennett were holeshotting a lot but Bubba pulled anyone and everyone in the rhythm. Don’t quote me on this but I believe he got first both days.

    What I was interested in was A pro. That was a BATTLE between Delizia and Mike Kapes. The two rookie pros were SMOKING the rest of the class. Unfortunately Phil was choking on the gate so he ended up with third on Sat and second on Sun. When he didn’t choke he holeshotted. Kapes went 1-1-2 both days to win. He was staying at my house so I was rooting for him this weekend. Sorry Phil. Don put up $250 for a single A holeshot award in the third round on Sunday which Phil got by ONE inch.

    Chad Street won Vet on Sat and perhaps Carnes got it on Sunday. Mike Gul is back (minus the pony tail) and made the main both days.

    Caveman was battling with Cody Smart most of the weekend. Neither of us made the main. Caveman has been battling with Cody Smart for ten years now. Caveman thinks Cody Smart rocks. Cody Smart is old school and Caveman is proud to battle with someone he used to read about in BMXA. Caveman has also been racing Rupe, Madden, Lamoglia, Ham and Carnes for ten years now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Caveman wonders when Farside or Ciancio will move up to Vet. Caveman wonders……
    (Caveman likes to talk in the third person)

    I was training hard starting in July but I wrecked my shoulder at Egg Harbor and just got back on the bike so that’s my excuse. I got beat at my own track. I got beat on my own gate. 5-7-5 today was the best I could do. Erick, I’ll tell you all about that later. Enough about me.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for the amateur update including Farside, Goodall, Klimecki, Kelty, Loebe, and Smith. And yes, I just said Klimecki. I’m going to bed.


    Now thats a Race report. Chad used to be AA Pro so was Mike Gul.
    No shame in losing to guys like that.


    Dave, my eggs were a little scrambled at that point. %^$ I almost came back to get it from you and just decided to pack up and head home. I had that frame and fork out waiting for you yesterday. I showed it to Klemecki, he can give you the lowdown on it. One of the other riders in my group has the crash on video. I’m getting a digital copy of it.

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