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    The ABA program is windows based, not that old piece of junk. My wife has been doing her homework for the track she is starting and that is on of the reasons she wouldn’t go NBL


    NBL has the new windows program. It is being tested all over the country and seems to be working pretty good. Notice how fast results are being posted this year? That’s the windows program.
    Should be going out to all tracks for next season I would think.
    They used it at the EHT national and I thought it did a good job. Had the Dos program running as back up in case there was a problem, but didn’t need it.
    Only glitches right now seem to be in the Elite and Junior Elite classes. Keeps wanting to lump them all together.
    UCI is having same type of problems with the Elites and Juniors and they run a totally different program so it may not be the program per se, but something else entirely.


    Apparently there is someone very close to NJBMX who was willing to give away a web base software package that would have been killer, several years ago, but the NBL nixed it.
    I’m sorry, and this is not meant to dig into everyone involved in NJBMX, but the NBL has been lagging and apparently still lags even though people are willing to give them what they need. (and I learned this weekend that someone in NJ gives them a lot, whew man…)
    Bugs? So it takes 15 years after windows comes out to get a program that almost works.
    They listen to no one but themselves, and anything that does not evolve and adapt dies.
    Please tell me that they are at the very least, going to give this software to the tracks.
    And why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the USPS will still be happy with this software package.
    I feel bad coming on here and making it seem like I’m dissing Janeen, but that’s not my intent. Why do we allow ourselves to be held under the thumb of an organization like this?
    One of our own in NJBMX was going to hook the NBL up with what they needed years ago, one of our own…and they wouldn’t have it, this drives me nuts..


    I totally agree, this windows program was supposed to be out and available for at least the last 7 or 8 years, but has never come to be. I have a feeling though that this may actually be the year. Only reason I say that is that it is actually in use at some tracks throughout, never gotten this far yet. Still bugs, yes, but…
    1.Would I have liked to see it a long time ago? Yes
    2.Do I think that we have been working on stone age equipment? Yes
    3.Do I agree 100% with the NBL? No
    4.Do I have to deal with it all? Yes, because my kid/kids like to race.
    5.Do I like the people involved in the NBL? For the most part I’ve been treated decently.
    6.Do I get frustrated with lack of answers, slow responses, etc? Yes, but reread #4.
    7.Would I do things differently? Maybe, but not having been at the beginning, don’t know what would have evolved differently had others been doing it.

    So, I do like most people do who are involved in anything for their kids, I do the best I can with what I have, and play by the rules, because that’s what there is.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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