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    I think a small track can easily fit on 2 acres. Especially if there is parking nearby. The old Lawville track was on about 1/2 acre. The shopping center prvovided the parking. If you have to include all parking then about 4 acres or more is needed.
    Here are some deals in PA/NJ area.
    Some sound like maybe there is a typo or its in a flood plain and you cant use the land.
    North Jersey
    Basically your screwed. North and Central Jersey are insanely expensive to buy land. But keep in mind it can be resold after the track closes and maybe the track can generate enough income to pay the loans. I could only find one place with 2 acres or more for under $45K

    $39,000 – 2 Acres in Branchville, NJ on Rt. 206
    Heres google map Google Location
    Ad for land http://homes.realtor.com/prop/1070537953

    $49,000 – 5 Acres in White, NJ

    Southern NY near NJ border
    $55,000 – 3 Acres in Westbrookville, NY
    Awesome downhill track could go here

    South Jersey
    $6,000 – 4+ Acres in Atlantic County, NJ
    and this one may be same location or neighboring lot
    $10,000 – 4+ Acres in Atlantic County, NJ

    $30,000 – 3 Acres in Cumberland County, NJ
    Click Me

    $15,000 – 3.5 Acres in Cape May Court House, NJ

    $12,000 – 4.5 Acres in Mullica (Not Mullica Hill), NJ
    Click me

    You could buy 3 lots for around $37,000 total. One in Hamilton, One in Mullica and the third in Cape May Court House. Run one Friday Night, One Saturday and one Sunday. In the summer run the one doing the best also on Wednesday night. Maybe run one on Tuesday nights when schools out also.
    You’d be an easy commute to a day job in Vineland or Atlantic City. Best of all throw up a Mobile Home or even a Trailer on one of the properties and you wouldnt have rent.

    Eastern PA
    $20,000 – 7 Acres in Auburn, PA
    Click Me

    $20,000 – 4 Acres in Tremont, PA
    Click me

    $25,000 – 14 Acres in Tamaqua, PA



    What’s going on with the track that they are supposta build in Jefferson, NJ.(North Jersey)
    I heard it was set for sometime late summer or is the whole thing a rumor?


    On hold for right now due to things beyond our control right now.


    I forget who but one of you guys is a realtor.
    What would a $10,000 lot cost per month using a 10 or 15 year loan?
    How much would a $20,000 lot cost per month using a 10 or 15 year loan?

    Remember the track has 3 main revenue streams. Entry Fees, Snack Bar and Pro Shop. Other then Electric it doesnt really have any monthly bills and you can run a track without electric. People just cant get stuck on doing things the regular way. If you have an electric gate and lights great, if not, no biggie. Kids just want to play in the dirt. I don’t think any racer has ever not gotten into BMX because when he went to the track BITD it had a manual gate. In fact I think the electric gate may actually intimidate alot of new riders.

    Tons of us showed up each week to have Mr Rowland, drop the gate for us. None of us said ‘screw Vineland its not real BMX, tracks in CA have Electric gates. BMX sucks, lets go play soccer, who has my BeeGees tape?’

    Again you would be suprised how easy it is to find someone who is an electrical contractor to help install the electric lines and gate etc or a mason to help build a platform or a carpenter to help build some bleachers or a tower. And remember a track isnt really about all those luxuries anyway. Its about you getting to ride and hanging out with family and friends and drinking a ice cold Mountain Dew.


    @ErickWeinstetter wrote:

    I forget who but one of you guys is a realtor.
    What would a $10,000 lot cost per month using a 10 or 15 year loan?
    How much would a $20,000 lot cost per month using a 10 or 15 year loan?

    Eric, I think you are referring to me, the mortgage guy.

    $20,000 @ 10% over 15yrs = $215/month.

    The one big challenge in getting the land loan is being a qualified borrower. The bank wants to feel secure about getting paid back.

    We WISH we could buy a decent piece of land in Eastern Morris County for that price. We would be ALL over it!

    One thing I will add: if you write a comprehensive business plan and can honestly demonstrate a true profit potential, a SBA loan could be the ticket too (Small Business Administration loan).


    Thanks Craig. See so think how inexpensive some of those South Jersey land buys would be. And remember the land is equity based, add a business like a track and the value increases.

    Yup in North Jersey the cheapest lot that may work was $39K. Still thats around say $500 a month and its on a main thruway that goes all the way down thru Flemington into Trenton. Depending on the down payment you may even get those lots for under $500 a month up North. Or go in halves. Sign an agreement that the land will be sold once the track closes or when both partners agree. If its a bigger lot like 5 acres then it could easily be subdivided upon the partnership disolving so the one wanting out can sell the half the tracks not on.

    So just get two grownups that can afford say $250 a month plus and partner up!!! The cost of a car payment.

    Just trying to get people to think outside the box. Nothing Im suggesting isnt practical or do-able.


    Insurance is the only obstacle.
    I would like to have a good friend as an insurance agent and a good friend who is a lawyer.
    Which I am sure there are a lot of out there who were BMXers, just need to find em.
    Strange though, I’m feeling the Snoopy happy dance coming on….


    Erick, right around the corner from my house is where that piece is, and it is definately not suiteable for a track, and is not zoned for it. More than price of the land it is also a few factors in the great norht east has to go into what you can use for land for. Zoning is a big thing, and if you need get a variance, the way the boards here are ,it can easily tie yo up for almost a year. My point is, I wish it was as easy as finding land


    @ErickWeinstetter wrote:

    South Jersey

    $12,000 – 4.5 Acres in Mullica (Not Mullica Hill), NJ
    Click me

    Mullica is my neck of the woods… ill see if i can ride by that spot and check it out… it would be sweet to have a track in mullica…. PLENTY OF KIDS WHO WOULD RIDE…. A whole slew of 8-9 year olds because of the new housing developments….


    Hey if I could use that spot the trails are less than 1000ft from there. We could race then have a session after wards


    o my goodness! I just looked at that land and it is about 300-400 ft from my house!!!! Personally, i think its in a great spot 😀 , because you have the white horse pike 2 turns and your at the track. ITs a quiet neighborhood and its allllll wooooooodddsss for miles around it…. i think it would be sweeettttt! Im realllyyy starting to look into this…. and in mullica we have some pretty wealthy families that are looking for places to spend money to give them a good rap, i know three of the top of my head, Mullica is were its at! —


    Don’t stop this vibe man, ok, now is the time for the Harry Myers interview.
    I will call him this week.


    Yeah and the price is affordable. Just a few of us could pony up say $500 each and you have 2K for a down. Piece of cake. Again dont factor in expensive things like electronic gates, bleachers etc. Once you start people will come out of the woodwork. Locals will see the BMX Track coming soon sign and Help Needed. Post that your looking for someone to help with this and that.

    As for zoning the land is just for a bicycle track. Most tracks in a park are in areas not zoned for business. But the variance is easy sometimes. You can talk to the local zoning board before buying if you want to be certain. Take pictures of local tracks and use them for references.
    That piecce of land is next to watershed looking at the google pics. And it is behind a business. many things cant be built next to water for environmental or insurance reasons. BMX tracks are often built in flood plains however. Yuba City in California is one example.

    Let them know if push comes to shove you will have loaner bikes and helmets for low income kids so no one has to sit the bench.

    If you start raising money for the Mullica Track I will be the first to pledge money. Thats not far from Hammonton and believe it or not that area has NEVER had a BMX track. Just dont build it for Experts, build it for the largest number of kids, Beginners.
    BTW i used the loan calculator function.
    With 20% down (around $2,500) monthly payment for 10 year loan is around $100.

    I found a bunch of companies that cover BMX. Plus if you go NBL or ABA they come with Insurance, ABAs is better BTW.
    If you go non sanctioned you pay more for insurance but you have no sanction costs.


    Yeah, I would like to see what we can do with this…… How hard is it to get a track started thru the NBL? like do we have to get it approved or anything? And as for a sanction, If we DID chose one it would most likely be NBL…….


    as for carpenter, My dad is a great woodworker he can make anything fron cabinets to bleachers so that wouldnt be a problem and then he has a few electrical friends… and like i said… mullica has a many wealthy people looking to dump there money somewhere that will plaster there face anywhere….

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