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    then we shall bring up that disscussion


    Rich, are you almost done with that “take everyone back to 1983 and show them a huge national with pros and people who are just KILLING themselves to move to expert” time machine?
    I could use that about now…
    I think everyone has to ask themself, are they racing to beat the best, or are they racing to get a small piece of plastic.
    The piece of plastic is indicative of pushing yourself as hard as you can to achieve a goal, if that goal means having to beat someone real fast who has no interest in a plate then that is what must be done.
    It takes 5 nationals to qualify to race for a plate at the grands.
    5 x 45 = 225
    plus gas, hotels…camping, food.
    Since the nbl helps everyone out by holding 105 national qualifiers a year, everyone in NJ has the chance to EASILY and “relatively” cheaply qualify to the grands. If you are “that” good, then hit the 5 close ones, get your “perfects” (another nbl JOKE), then hit the grands.
    An investment of maybe 2-3 grand…I mean if you hit EHT and Howell this year, you already had FOUR of the needed FIVE qualifiers.
    I don’t get it…I freestyle as well, that is for fun, it’s subjective to a point, but racing…you cross the finish line you win. It’s simple, it’s not about bending the rules to get a plate, it’s about seeing how fast you are against everyone else.


    get better trophies..frames for trophies..something of value


    the thing of value comes from within


    man….I almost feel like locking this thread after that comment above…
    nothing more needs to be said
    Sorta shows that underneath it all we have the same principles with what is in our minds.


    the thing of value comes from within

    Ya know that 5th place trophy i got means more than anyting to me right now. Yeah it is a cheap trophy but i earned it.


    but the 5th place trophy was earned with heart which comes from someplace other than the trophy store.

    thats what i meant

    im sure it means alot to you. its a symbol of hard work and the love of the sport. but when the trophies get old and dusty its whats inside that keeps you going not the plastic on the shelf outside.


    Chiming back in…
    I got a lot of trophies from BITD and well…this first year and 1/2 back I took them at the races cause I wanted to get that old time feel again…After turning X it sorta faded but anyway the point…
    On my computer desk resides 2 trophies.
    The first is the first one I ever earned a second at the Millville goat path track and strangely enough the other is another one I got the same day.
    My mom and pop were feeling a little bummed that I had been racing for like almost a year and still never got “in the money”, 1-3rd, while my buds were busting out left and right, lol….so they had bought a trophy for me and were going to give it to me that day to try and lift the spirits up.
    On the trip home while I was all 13 and wide eyed looking at the little piece of 2nd place plastic I had in my hand, mom turns around and gives me that trophy with my name on it, and says “We were gonna give this to ya because we know how much this stuff all means to you, we’re real proud that you earned that second today”.
    At 13 you feel good that the parental units saw that you were trying hard to do something, at 40 you realize the incredible love that they have for ya and how it is important to uphold the ideals they saw in you at that young age.
    So the next time you ask why “Brittles” is so hot or fired up about something, you’ll know why. I understand completely and totally the meaning of “it comes from the heart”.

    I am now fully prepared for my verbal reaming by my peers, lol!


    Getting back to the “qualified riders at the nbl grands thing”.
    Dale had a good idea at CJ this past weekend.
    If you want to race the grands, but aren’t “qualified”.
    Then a non-qualified entry fee should be the total of “minimum qualifier” fees. I.E.:, you have to race 5 qualifiers to hit the grands, 5 x $45=$225.
    Unqualified- you pay $225
    Qualified- $45..55 um, whatever the nbl is making you fork out…
    That is an easy way to discourage rookies from popping in and makes the factories think twice before just dropping their fast boys in to say they “won the grands”.
    And yes, I still think anyone should be able to race it.
    when you are in charge you are supposed to listen to the majority of the people you are doing business for, and all you guys seem to bitch about this, so they should be listening. Maybe it’s something that should be brought up and voted on at CC….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Wouldn’t it be easy for the nbl to do a poll or something?

    Ya know it is sorta strange though that you have to race, what 9 or 10 locals to qualify for the regional championship…but nothing for the grands….

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