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    bmxmom brought this up to me in a pm. It sounded like a killer idea and would do a lot for getting more ladies into racing. Maybe one of the older girls could take charge of it.
    Wouldn’t that be a beotch if a ladies team won the state in 2007?


    does bmxgirlmom know if this has ever been done in nj before? when we were at flem one sat i was selling 50/50s and started talking to a mom who has 2 girls who race each other every week she said what about a girls team?? her daughters are..about 13/14..then there were 2 slightly younger ones about9-10..i believe one dad brought up the same topic about a girls team…. then there are little ones 6-7 i thought wow thats 6 girls from flemington alone…there has to be a few from cj and eht and would it be cool to have a” girls kick butt” team for the state series….they could get sponsors/jerseys all that…i wondered if anyone has done that in the past?

    i know national team rules are different but you would think a few of their dads/ moms could drum up some support / local bike shop or whatever… its def original and would be cool if nj was cutting edge with this sort of team… girls just dont get the recognition they need in this sport… jmo


    This sounds so revolutionary it would kick ass!
    …This sounds like a great job for the mistress of the ladies of NJ BMX Susie Levan.
    You out there Susie?


    Nice idea, but can’t be done unless you have girls racing Rookie, Novice and Expert, they can never race girls classes. See the below from the team series rules.

    Classes: Experts, Pros, Novices, (1)Rookie, (1)Open, (2) entrees from Girls or Cruisers classes combined. This is the maximum number of riders in a proficiency/class you may use.


    then we change our state rules.


    as a 2007 representative for CJ, I would vote for a rule change to allow an all ladies team.


    NJBMX can become the suffragette movement for BMX racing.


    i guess that wouldnt work as they would have to be racing themselves… if you think about it. if there are only just say 15 girls in the state and 10 of them are on the same team they would have to beat each other ( on the same team) which wouldnt work unless they raced girls on other teams??

    is ths right or am i missing something?

    janeen i forgot about the team rules its been a while since i looked at the team rules. unless you make exception to an all girls team that would be the only way you can use more than 2 girls… its probably doable somehow??


    if you have 10 girls on a team and they are all winning, and you have 10 boys on a team and they are all losing.
    the girls win.

    the girls would not be racing themselves, they are racing the other teams.

    who cares about the national level, the nbl isn’t concerned with us at the local level except for our entry fees, so we should implement a rule change.

    How do you get more ladies to race? Promote the ladies…

    Am I really having a discussion with 2 women on how it would be great to change the rules to allow an all girls team and they aren’t fully down with it?

    I think it would be great to make things better for girl racers to have some say in the sport and the moms aren’t saying ….”hell yeah Brett, let’s do this!”
    I’m dying here…my god if my g/f sees this thread she is gonna pass out!


    I agree with Brett, I don’t think the NBL would care if for a state series, you changed the rule. As it is now you are allowed to dictate how you run your sate series within reason. It would be good for getting more girl racers!


    The ladies team could have their own poster that appeals just to women, and it would probably be a way better design then I or anyone else could ever do.
    Check out the NJ all girls team kick the boys butts in the state series.
    More marketing potential for BMX.


    i think brett you misunderstood my post. what i meant was if you have 15 girls racing in the state..then you have 10 of them on the same team. just call them the dudettes. i know they will be racing all boy teams but for them to race…think about it they have to race other girls… like if one of the dudettes is a 9 girl they will be racing other 9-10 girls.. if 4 of them are on the same team then they are racing the girls on their OWN TEAM. one of them gets 1st, one gets 2nd and so on.. if you talkabout points yea 1 will get 1st place the rest get whatever… so out of 4 girls on that team you only get 1 1st place…see wht i mean?? it wouldnt be advantageous for them to have girls of the same age for sure. boys have different proficiencies but not girls so its limited.

    i think nj could “bend” the rules or alter them a little to accomodate a new class …can they do this… why not? as far as team scoring i think each state does what they want in their team series anyway…i think the reason they made the rules was for the tms back when they all held the rookies back to keep them on teams so then they said no have so many experts, novs and only allow 1 girl and 1 cruiser… but hey nj is cutting edge why not? you have to have enough girls to race and enough girls who are NOT on your team to race as well.. after a while the girls would get tired of beating their team members its not a good thing. once in a while is ok but on a weekly basis isnt good for team spirit.

    bottom line get more girls in the sport… then do the girl team thing. maybe rich f has some ideas since his daughter is one of the up and comming ladies of bmx.


    no no no,
    you can not get more girls into the sport without making it so girls want to be in the sport.
    stop thinking about how NOT to do it and start thinking about how TO do it.
    This is what holds everything back, you all have got to start thinking outside the box of what has been done so far.
    Let’s wait till we get more riders to promote the sport to more riders, lets give everyone who races card saying when the races are…

    I have had the malaise in this state up my bottom this past year and quite frankly I find it incredibly sad that the people who say they love this sport so much don’t sit down and figure out ways to make it better.
    You bitch because I say let’s have state meetings 6-10 times a year.
    Guess what…it’s gonna happen…maybe not now, or next year…but barring my death, it will happen.
    Have any of the moms ever sat down with each other and their daughters and said hey…let’s get some of the girls together and get a team going?
    You all keep saying it’s for the kids and the riders but yet how often do you go out and tell them,
    I can only hold back on how I feel about this for so long….
    How many times in the past did you have a state meeting and bring the kids with ya and just let them fly with whatever ideas are in their heads?

    Ask the girls about this, hell ask the boys about this…maybe it might make the other teams try harder if the freaking ladies were given a shot at something like this.
    I am so hot right now I can’t take it.
    If one more parent who has never straddled a top tube, tells me something can’t be done it is gonna get real nasty.

    Here’s the bottom line..stop thinking like parents all the time and start thinking like a kid.

    Kid- I want to have fun doing what I am doing.


    boy and i thought I had too much coffee this morning….geesh


    I’m sorry…its just that, someone comes up with a KILLER idea and then people just start thinking of reasons why it shouldn’t be done…without even asking the people who would be affected by this in the first place..
    it sorta boggles my noggin…

    and everyone knows how passionate I take this BMX thing.

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