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once you frequent a shop( at least i have found) and establish a relationship ( like rods) its easeir to just pop in and get something fixed or get a part… ithink initially parents dont know where to go…older riders its a different story but just say the new little guys…those parts are really specialized and even if they go to the shop and get advice its better than ordering alot of parts that dont fit online… we were lucky my husb had somewhat of a working knowlege of bike parts stuff ( he used to work in victory cycles way way back when he was a youngin) so he would try to figure it out first… then go search for a shop…

but think aobut the younger guys switchng from minis to jr to experts all need new sized parts on a reg basis…. and what headset size is for what? oh the seat post wont fit on that frame?? haha its a parents worst nightmare…

so i am all for getting more local shop support…oh i almost forgot we even used to frequent vernon bicycles bitd ( he was a powerlite dealer too when they were the latest race frames) so no distance is too far for a bmx parent ( at least the psycho ones…haha)

personally i love the fact that high gear is sponsoring the flemington track p lus you have rod there every week helping out with questions which is a HUGE asset. i hope they know how lucky they are and give him some sort of recognition at years end….