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also… as a new parent i found the most frustrating thing was finding a bike shop that had a clue about bmx racing components… not everyone that races at cj is from the area and after driving around in a panic state quite a few times looking for the elusive 20 x1 1/8 tube( during the week after dan got a flat bitd) i used to say to myself that i wished we had a bmx friendly bike shop close to home…

some will carry only a few items but some dont even know what you are talking about to order the right thing…. so most resort to mail order and i feel supporting the local shops is the better way to go…

if the website had a list of shops around the state who were “supportive to bmx” and you can define this however you want , i think the parents would be so grateful… just listing the name/address/ contact info would help new parents ( hey you can even list those who wish to be sponsors??)

you folks who live near sc’s shop dont know how good you have it.. lol

we used to use cyclecraft in parsippany so much for our bmx needs (location)and then eventually got them to become one of our state team sponsors…just a thought

you have alot of choices like chip and dales, sc’s, high gear, etc would be nice if all the nj tracks had this list on their websites for general info esp for new parents…. hey i know a parent who popped 3 tubes just trying to get the darn thing on for the first time…haha(no, not us) she finally went to the shop and let them do it…