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Pinky, I love you man but you are so corny. Bmx is not pussified. It just has evolved just like any other sport. I have been around since 1984 and have seen it all. yeah I dont agree with 99.9 percent of the crap but this is life. Why is everyone racing? To have fun right? Yeah I know it is kind of hard to have fun when the nbl and njbmx.org is ripping us off with the price of nationals and state qualifiers but what are we gonna do complain? complaining doesn’t always make things better. It just pisses us off even more because no one is listening to us or cares what we have to say. One thing for sure is the price of races will keep increasing because why? People will keep paying it. And why will they keep paying it? Because they want to be # 1. So they buy it. Now back on topic. I for one see pro’s and con’s for the dirt/paved turns. Yes I like paved turns. And if Bmx is so pussified why are the jumps wayyy bigger then when we were younger? Anyways, Bmx has always been nothing but politics, bull crap and who knows who. I love bmx nevertheless.