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thats why i asked..wonder if there is a good meal replacement shake that is bmx friendly? in other words not a large volume to consume before a race but concentrated and easily digestable with vitamins already in it… the boost/ensure hi pro shakes have carbs/ protein but they are hi fat therefore take a long time to move thru the digestive system…

anyone try any others? i have asked a few nutrition ppl and most only can suggest things that are not sprint-short term related cycling… not many are versed in this..too bad there isnt a site specifically set up for bmx racing..i know individ trainers have their own thng but for the gen bmx population the average rider is prob not eating correctly on race day.. (french fries after racing is prob not the best either for recovery reasons…lol…)

kudos to the tracks that offer some healty alternative ie fruit etc for riders. when we run our concessoin at our hs booster club during tournaments we try to get apples/ banannas/ clementines easy for them to grab and go after a weigh in or betw matches… along with the normal candy junk food the parents love…..

there has to be somoene in nj who is versed in this sort of thing..?