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i remember one time i was in new brunswick with rodney and mike wilson one night and wilson wanted to go ride somewhere near the border of east brunswick and we were pedaling and got stuck at a light, right in the middle of the ghetto. and this dude on his porch was like, how much you want for that bike son? and i looked, and immedialey he got up and started walking towards us, and i was like god, turn green already. finally the light turned green and we boooked it out of there.
and then when we were coming back, mike ended up getting a flat, so rodney and i rode really slow, so mike could keep up.
so we are crossing the crosswalk and this big burly dude in a minivan starts beeping his horn and rodney was like F you, and then he beeps again and rodney just stops and puts his foot down, and the dude just started yelling something crazy at us, haaha.