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Gonna throw my $.02 in again:

The way I am reading all this tells me keepitreal has never ever had a personal conversation with Rich, or anyone else in this thread. Or, if you have, you already made up you mind a long time ago about what you think based on what you think the facts are.

Recently I posted something without knowing ALL the facts and two people, who I think I can call friends at this point, PM’d me and basically ripped me a new tooter. But…I respected that, realized where I did not have all my facts, but at the same time tried to moderate the conversation so most everyone would respect the other’s opinion since ultimately we were all on the same side.

That said, Rich is not perfect. I believe if he were to botch something he would man up and say something, he is not the type to hide. I also do not see where you can say he is hiding behind his keyboard when he is a VERY visible person in BMX – locally AND nationally. You can walk up to Rich ANY time and he will talk with you. Is he opinionated? Hell yeah! But he has got the experience to back it up. Am I saying he is perfect and is 100% right about everything, hell no, nobody is. But right now, at this very crucial juncture of moving things forward, you can’t ask for much better.

Last thought (yes Billy, I’ll be done soon 🙄 ): I personally do not believe Rich messed anything up last year. But guess what: in order to get the momentum going that is really needed to build this back up, some mistakes are gonna be made. But at least he is doing something!! That is why several have questioned “what have you done?”. No, it is not a prequalifcation that you must have “done something” to come on here and start a thread and voice your opinion, but when you are trying to call out someone who has done nothing but bust his a** for a sport that he absolutely loves, well my friend, if you cannot tell us who you are then we do not know what contributions you have made that would make us want to at least be open to listening to you.

Thats all for now.


Craig Wilson
39x & Cruiser, Team Coordinator GHP Atomlab Northeast, NJBMX Awards & Prez Cup committee member, HCBMX track sponsor and possible State Series sponsor. President, RV Conservation Foundation (a Winnebago is a terrible thing to waste – please move it!)