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led– plateus are easily over come(kinda)– your just in a rut– take a couple of weeks off– change your training a bit– you need to suprise your body– it sounds silly, but your body remembers what’s going on– if you do the same workout week in and week out– when you hop on that bike and do your warm up, your body kinda says “ok looks like it’s time for 25 sprints followed by some ab work and a protien shake”– you need to shok your body– you can find more in depth advise for overcoming flat spots in any body building rag– they deal with it constantlly.

remember– you only loose if you don’t try

and going by your finishes– you had consistent improvement–

patience darling, patience…

i get smoked every race– but somewhere deep inside i know that sooner or later it’s all gonna fall into place. everything will click and $hit is gonna hit the fan in my class when it does!!!!!

keep your chin up