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Personally I dont like the new school cruisers.
I have a 2005 redline and its ok, but not as good riding as my Boss or Profile.
I also liked the old school Limo cruiser and JMC 24 better then these new cruisers.

I still dont use clips and wont, ever. But I have switched to a full face. I got a good deal on a Answer Carbon Fiber and its liiight.

Carbon forks? Can you say flex and age poorly. None of the Pros would use them if they didnt get them for free.

Seems to me like Chromo is making a comeback, but I do like the Alum fames as much, of course I dont jump.

Shimano Saint (and now a BMX version called MXR or something) cranks have replaced Flights and Profiles as the choice crank.