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It was the summer of 1976 and it was the last race of the season at the Berm Busters MX track in Millville NJ. The girls age groups back then were 9-12 years old and 13 and up. I was twelve and Jennie Zeuner and Donna Elliot were the nine-year-olds who had previously dominated the class. They weren’t happy to have someone show up and take away the big trophy, but almost by default, I walked away with the first. There were so few girls that we soon all became friends and Jenn and I still keep in touch.

I just realized that was 30 years ago. Um uh, maybe it was ’86 not ’76…

Donna’s dad ran the track and her Uncle’s family, the Veale’s, owned Action Enterprises- the only BMX shop anywhere for miles. I bought my red, hi-ten DG from them the week before that race. Total cost $167. It was a coaster-brake model with an Ashtabula flat-bladed fork. Quite the rocket. Wish I knew where it was.

Hey, Erick, thanks for tuning me in to this site! Caveman- when are you gonna road ride with us again? Rich Farside- long time no see. Like 20-some years…