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1978 Vineland, NJ
NBA Scwhinn Tour
I wasn’t a NBA member so the person in the sign up booth told me I had to race Expert. I had no clue what that was, since I never raced before.
Had Jeff Utterback in my moto, I remembered his name from the one issue of Bicycle Motocross Action I owned.
Crashed over this set of jumps, they had three of them in a row. (Later found out they were called triples). Well trying to keep up with 15 experts on my 4 1/2 cranks on my Schwinn Stingray was impossible – but I didnt know that.
I didnt even know what my gears where or what that meant. Freewheel? What didnt everyone use Bendix coaster brakes?
The crash knocked the joffa off the track helmet I was borrowing and I got 3 stitches in my chin, but at least that got us to know the Zeuners.

That was the old track with the low starting hill.
I watched with awe as Porky Mayes just pedaled thru them over the next year or two. I vowed to do that and by the time Langleys picked me up I could pedal thru those puppies also.