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@CrazyCraig wrote:

I do not know what activities my 5-1/2yr old son will be involved in next year, I went for it as best as I could. I hope he gets into BMX, but right now he is not leaning that way. My 2-1/2yr old daughter seems to be more into racing than he is.

Hey I first took my son to the track when he was 5 and he wasn’t all that into it, tried again when he was 7 and he has been on fire ever since. Even with his current losing streak he still love’s it
He was asked how he did at the grands and after he said he got last (in his motos! ) He said ” But I am going to get them next year ” I was like YEA !!!!

OK dude you can go back to defending yourself 😆 😆 Chris ,cruiser for life