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C’mon Paul, you know what I am referring to. Remember, I am the only NJ 35+ Nov that went to the Grands this year, and the 35X racing at that level is a whole different ballgame. The priorities I am referring to is making sure I can go to work on Monday to support the wife and kids.

If I was only racing locals, then its a whole different story. Believe me, when I came back this year, I had no expectations of doing well at all. I was just happy to be back on a bike. But, I got “hooked” again, and since I do not know what activities my 5-1/2yr old son will be involved in next year, I went for it as best as I could. I hope he gets into BMX, but right now he is not leaning that way. My 2-1/2yr old daughter seems to be more into racing than he is.

Now, do y’all want a really good laugh?

I emailed the NBL for a move-up points audit to see just how close I am to the 20 points, but not that I feel I have to wait for that. You know what they said? I only have 5 move-up points from locals, none from the Nats or Regionals.

I went 2-4-1 and won the main at Howell and went 2-1-1 and won the main at Trumbull, and they say I get ZERO move-ups for that. WTF?

I should at least have 9 move-ups (2pts for 1st at a Nat with at least 2 other 35 Novs in the main), but thought I had more than that from locals, but not by how they score it. I guess you have to “perfect” at a Nat to get a move-up?????

And we wonder how Rookies and Novs stay there FOR-EVER. Now we know. The freakin NBL allows them too VERY easily.

Don’t worry, I am not going to wait until I have 20 move-ups.