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Now now boys, please don’t fight over me. 🙄

Obviously I know Taft better than anyone on here, and know where he is coming from.

But, for what its worth Imwatchin, it was Brett that sorta talked me back into racing, or at least showing up. You could call me a poser if I came back in great shape but raced rookie and sat down in the races. But, coming in at 256 with a 42 waist and barely making it around EHT without medical assitance on March 3rd to be where I am at now (not that I am all that), I can take alot of personal pride in my accomplishments and do not have to explain myself to anyone. But, I do choose to open myself up to the court of public opinion more than most, so I know I’m gonna take it on the chin once in awhile.

But, as you see, I’m not throwin punches on here, and really do appreciate everyone’s input on this. It been a very constructive conversation and if nothing else, its making people think. I have become a live case study if you will. I wish alot of the parents of younger riders were reading this, if for no other reason than to get them thinking too. Ultimately everyone has to do what they truly feel is right for them and/or their kids.