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Boy, you guys are relentless. In the end its my body on the track. I feel when you are 39 it should give you some leeway, but you guys just aint letting up, are you? 🙄

But, I am enjoying this, its fun and I don’t mind getting bagged on here by my friends! 😀

Paul – I know I am walking a fine line. I still have not made my decision about Woodward yet. I have plenty of reasons to make my decision either way. Maybe more than anybody I can understand why folks sandbag. When you see that #1 Plate you get greedy. We all want to be #1 in something at some point, right?

Imwatchin – same thing, and from where most of you stand and from what you read, you will have your opinions. You didn’t see me bust a rib, tweak a shoulder, rip up an arm, sprain my thumb and push a tweaked knee only to slam into an RV and spend 8 days rehabbing.

Rich – I know yer bustin, we talked at the Grands about this.

Bill – too late for Rich to make you look like the nice guy, you already threw me under the train once. 😆 But its all good like I told you.

Dang, I feel like I’m on Oprah under the magnifying glass. Someone call Dr. Phil for me, okay?

Remember, I choose how I want to finish out the season. And however I do it is something I gotta feel right about for me in the long run.