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Rich, are you almost done with that “take everyone back to 1983 and show them a huge national with pros and people who are just KILLING themselves to move to expert” time machine?
I could use that about now…
I think everyone has to ask themself, are they racing to beat the best, or are they racing to get a small piece of plastic.
The piece of plastic is indicative of pushing yourself as hard as you can to achieve a goal, if that goal means having to beat someone real fast who has no interest in a plate then that is what must be done.
It takes 5 nationals to qualify to race for a plate at the grands.
5 x 45 = 225
plus gas, hotels…camping, food.
Since the nbl helps everyone out by holding 105 national qualifiers a year, everyone in NJ has the chance to EASILY and “relatively” cheaply qualify to the grands. If you are “that” good, then hit the 5 close ones, get your “perfects” (another nbl JOKE), then hit the grands.
An investment of maybe 2-3 grand…I mean if you hit EHT and Howell this year, you already had FOUR of the needed FIVE qualifiers.
I don’t get it…I freestyle as well, that is for fun, it’s subjective to a point, but racing…you cross the finish line you win. It’s simple, it’s not about bending the rules to get a plate, it’s about seeing how fast you are against everyone else.