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I was tearing up the main event, running 2nd out of turn 2 into the third straight. Rodney Rice (eventual Nat #2) got squirrely over the dubs, I was passing on the left and then he got squirrely to the left over the step-up and pushed me into the pro section.

I rolled through and went into the last turn in third and tried to stuff it under Rice and Kent Gordy (yes, I was beating Kent!). We came out in a dead heat, they had a little more momemtum than me, but it was the fourth place rider, the eventual #1 Hank Smith, who did not lose any speed behind us and he slammed into me on the third roller in the rythm section. He dropped me hard but went down too.

I got 8th place.

In the 1/8th & 1/4 I stayed on Rice’s right side down the third straight. Why I was on his left in the main, I do not know. If I was on his right, I just might have won the whole dang thing.

So, as always, you get a good story with me, but its the truth. Still, I am VERY proud of myself, no regrets. I know I was right in there with the National #1, 2 & 3 riders and kicking a**. I ran out front all weekend!

Final Standing: #13 in 35 Nov and #46 in 35-39 Cruiser.