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I just came upon the forums here and this thread… better late than never… Braddock was my local track that I raced a couple of times a week when I wasn’t at a national. Most of my NJ teamates were there as well on the off weekends. There were a few other guys like Tommy Ruble, Brad Birdwell and Kurt Esser who also rode for Thruster around that time.

My younger sister Darcee rode for Scovone’s and I worked there after school and during the summer. I’d end up blowing my whole paycheck on goodies every now and then…lol Remember you could get those gift certificates instead of trophies at Braddock? That was such a cool idea…I forgot how much they were worth for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Was it $15, $10 and $5? I loaded up on them and you could use them at almost any bike shop in the area.

Anyone remember Wayne King? He was so funny, he always cracked me up. My sister dated him for several years…he’s a a great guy. Meredith Lidstone was a friend of my sister as well.

Cool thread…brings back lots of good memories.