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I would like to post something because there seems to be come confusion here. I “ANONOMYS” am not Rich Carolan or some of the other people you guys are throwing out there. I will remain anonomys for my own reasons but I am sure as heck not on here to hide behind a keyboard. I choose to be this way and its not so I could go out there and poke comments out specific people or the organization… My opinion is strictly my opinion as you guys have yours. Is some of what I am stating factual yes. I hate to say it and you guys as much as you won’t admit that know what I am saying is.. Yes in the end we all want to see BMX thrive in the state of NJ. Including Mr Carolan.. Do I have some of my own ideologies on how it is run and how it works YES I DO. Do I ever put down or comment on the Volunteers NO. In fact I have stated many a time that the Volunteers and the Mom’s and DAD’s make up the state organization. ” Please read my Prior postings to clarify this”. My parents Volunteered for many years.. My point was this things need to change and peole need to listen to the older riders. When I say that…. I mean all the older riders. That for one would be a big help.. Do I think personally that the contribution Mr Carolan could have offered to the Flemington BMX track would of been good yes. That is my opinion. I just read that people get things in there head about someone before they get to even chat with them personally and I know that the primary reason that Mr Carolans money wasn’t utilized as stated below his “reputation” In the end he was trying to help out not cause a major controversy.. You individuals are entitled to your opinions and thats fine. I know many of you are throwing out there who you think I am and all that. Thats not the point. Hayden you volunteer and you add alot to BMX I stated that many times. Do I think that sometimes you don’t listen to some certain individuals… Yes but thats you and your decesions.. Not a bad thing.. Rich Farside I read what you wrote I QUOTE ” Farside I wasn’t bagging on your bro I was giving you props and i think you read that. Hayden. we might not see eye to eye but I am not bagging on you either.. I think the sport needs some help and now that some of us old riders are in a position to i think it needs to be done. Farside I haven’t said anything but positive things about you. again see quoted section. So again you guys having this factor of “who I am is irrelevant”. I am on here to bring out some solid points again some you may think are good others you don’t. So lets end this name war and trying to figure out who I am because in the end its all about making BMX in NJ better.