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We tried to make it as easy as possible to qualify this year for a plate taking into consideration the kids who do a lot of Nationals and Regionals. We looked at the # of races run throughout the State over the course of the season (nearly 90) and figured everyone could make 1 out of 6 Qualifiers and 4 out of nearly 90 total races for locals. A total of 6 races including the Championship isn’t very hard. That totals 1 race per month from March to August. Unfortunately no possible combination of races will ever make everyone happy. We actually have very relaxed rules compared to most other states. We also must abide by NBL rules, which state that “Each state must have a designated State Championship. Each State must have at least 2 state qualifiers. Riders are required to attend two or more local races…”

There is an open state meeting Saturday April 22nd, following the Egg Harbor State Qualifier. All are welcome to attend.

NJBMX State Clerk of Course