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Bill – I was not lecturing – just throwing in my two cents in hopes that people will listen and be open. If ya read my whole post – you will see I took both sides – not just Rich’s – and never inferred that you must build it his way – just let the ideas sink in a little and see how they mesh with yours – and I gotta believe you got your own ideas about changes, etc.

I did my share back in the day – and like I told Brett – its my goal to slowly work my way back in – and if nothing else help monetarily through sponsoring the sites, etc – I got a wife and two kids – it took me almost a year just to get back to the track from when I bought my new ride – so you will be seeing me slowly but surely.

Like I said – with this much angst – we CAN move this forward in a positive way.

And Bill – I’m looking forward to seeing the track you built by your house – just know I’m not raggin’ on ya – but look forward to working with ya.

As a footnote – the one thing I hate about posts and email is you cannot hear the vocal inflection and emotion of the person “talking”. Ant’s idea of a get together is a good one.