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The wheels are no longer made of wood and they are the same size now, no more of that huge wheel up front and the little one out back. Makes them easier to get on….

Seems like the new bikes are lower, longer and use Canti brakes and seem to run their handlebars narrower. The 24s ride a lot like 20s. I raced an old school Cyclecraft 24″ a few years ago and it looked about 3 feet taller then the new school rides….still got the job done though. Oh yea, dare I mention the fact that a lot of guys are running clipless pedals….you must have some old school hardware kicking around still, dust it off and take it out.

Also as far as the “sponge MTB” goes, get yourself a rigid single speed. You’ll never go back to a full sus bike after that. I converted over this year and my sus bike has not left the garage.

Kenny Martin


You still got the Cycle Craft.. Mine is back in Phoenix at my grandparents house and I want another one. The geometry on that frame was so nice for my long torso short legs..?