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Pete – it was a tire tube and a Star Ledger Newspaper bag. Serious. No BS. Whatever worked, right? Those rides to Scavones were a haul. It made the trip to High Gear in Sterling seem like nothing. I keep forgetting that you and I go all the way back to ’83 before I had a license. We did a lotta crazy rides didn’t we? And would you believe earlier tonight I rode my cruiser 10.5 miles to Dover to pick my van up at the dealer? That aint easy on a single speed!

But, on a sadder note, you answered a question Kmart & me had about Gibby. Sorry to hear about his dad.

We got a nice thread about Braddock going here. Lets keep it going.

Hey, here’s one: who remembers the girl that used to participate in the jumping contests at Braddock with us? I think her name was Meredith, right? Black uniform, blonde hair.