The build is continuing at Alexandria Park in Alexandria Township, NJ. NJ’s first public pump track  is coming together at a hectic pace and the locals couldn’t be more stoked. We were out there this past Saturday to lend a bit of a hand and grab more shots of this first of its kind facility in the state. Bob Adase and his crew of crack volunteers have really come through with what will be an amazing place to ride for the general cycling public. It’s awesome to see such a project come together in the state and JORBA  will go down in the history books as having not only helped out the MTB scene here but building up the BMX scene as well. I got to try this thing on my PK Ripper during the day and anyone who thinks a pump track is just a mellow form of riding has not squirted through a tight turn and built up enough speed to jump 10′ to 12′ just by pumping that BMX bike. The official opening date for the track is June 5th and I recommend anyone who wants to try something different and fun to come out and bust out on this thing once it is done. The lines on the completed track will be innumerable and intense. For more pics of the track and the guys and gals who are making this happen click here . We’ll be back up there one more time next Saturday and hope to see some of the BMX guys at the track as well. pppp-Pump it.