Thanks to my Dad, John ‘Buddy’ McNiel,Jr, I have a great collection of photos to remember what was for me the ‘heyday’ of BMX. Travelling all over the country pursuing my passion – racing, allowed him to pursue his – taking pictures. He loved every minute of the races, and without his and my mom’s dedication I would never have had the opportunities I had in BMX. Magazines such as Total BMX used many of his photos, even a couple of cover shots.
Sadly he passed in 2002, but I realized that these photos need to be enjoyed by the BMX community, not sitting in boxes. New Jersey was a BMX hot spot on the East Coast in the early 80’s, and although we lived in VA, we spent a lot of time somewhere in NJ, whether it was Howell, Winter Shootouts at the Armory, Lakewood, Egg Harbor, Vineland, to name just a few.
So, enjoy the pics – maybe you are in some of them!
If you enjoy them or have a question or comment, drop me an email!
John McNiel