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    According to the domain whois record the registrant is Visions Infoline.
    I take it that the state does not own a website.

    It should it makes sense in this day and age that njbmx inc. own it’s own information portal.

    I see enough creative web savvy people at this site to make it accessible to all tracks,
    we have
    Loren Hamblin, who does his own site.
    Lee Matos, who is redoing EHTBMX.org
    Glenn Knappers guy, who by the way, thinks that the webhosting company I found for free is excellent.

    is njbmx ready to own it’s own website?
    The cost to the state for the year will be $10.00 for domain registration.

    How does everyone feel about that?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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