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    That’d be me…and yep that’s my name over to the left.
    If you want to see pictures of this mangy guy riding go here:
    I’m just your average rider with a little bit of history…
    I’ve known a lot of people who’ve run things here, Cerullo, Gleasons, Warnicke, supporters like Charlie Huber, Fran from Clifton Speed, too many bike shops to name…
    Riders don’t know me unless you are a hardcore freestyler, because I was never a “great” rider, just a guy who really loved BMX. I raced from 79 to 84, stopped and just kept riding and freestyling full on till about ’99. I came back hard again last year because I saw things looked a little bummed here in NJ and I thought it might be time to school some of the new guys on our over 30 year history…thankfully they didn’t laugh me off the track but actually showed me a little respect.
    I’m here to bring you guys together and make BMX what it was and should be,
    a “friendly” (ok, maybe not during the motos), fun thing to do as a sport, but more as a lifestyle.
    I’ve raced,
    I’ve freestyled,
    I’ve announced,racing and freestyle.
    I’ve run summer tours.
    I’ve started my own freestyle team.
    I’ve worked with track directors, (what’s shaking Jimmy!)
    and I’ve ALWAYS listened to what the every day dude riding that bike had to say.
    I love BMX, to me it’s more than a race, a jump or a flatland trick, it’s a way of thinking, of saying,
    why can’t we do something that hasn’t been done before.
    Yea, at times I can be corny, but that’s also me.
    So, that is basically the guy who runs the site, if you want to know more, just ask.


    fran freakin rules.. she sold clifton speed center a few years ago to this guy dave.. he is a damn crackhead.. smokes crack all day long.. i worked there from aug05 till nov 05.. i couldnt take it.. he gave away bikes from crack.. he is the biggest jackass..fran is good people.. but DO NOT shop at clifton speed


    Fran gave me my first big freestyle gig back in 85.
    and she sponsored half the riders at braddock in the 80’s.


    for what its worth – Brett was one of the first people to take an interest in me when I showed up at Braddock in ’82. He really cares about this sport. I always enjoyed riding with ya Brett – too bad you didn’t see me race ’88-’89 when I finally smoothed out!


    yeah.. i didnt know brett back in the 80’s when i was a terrible bmx racer.. but i stuck with it.. and now i am somewhat skilled..haha i wanna get all the guys who ruled at braddock on a gate now with me..thatd be fun as fuck


    speaking of clifton speed center.. who wnats to buy clifton speed center bmx racing team stickers????


    oh freaking sure, get all the guys who ruled at braddock! that leaves me off the list!, lol


    That dude from Clifton Speed Center got nabbed for drugs in Passaic twice in a week about a month ago or so. It was in the Newspapers, the Bergen Record I think.

    I shopped at that place a lot way back when but I haven’t been there in years.


    QUOTE ” I came back hard again last year because I saw things looked a little bummed here in NJ”
    And it seems 2006 will be bigger and better!!!! 😀 😀

    I’m so glad I have got back into bmx these past two years
    Hopefully we are seeing the” NEW BEGINNING” of NJBMX It’ all about the timing!!!! Thanks for being a nutjob !!!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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