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    ^^ who handles the move up points? thanks , TyyK303


    the nbl, lol…
    good luck man. 😆


    to answer your question directly,
    the local tracks send the results to the nbl headquarters, where they SHOULD go to a main computer database and automatically be updated as the race results come in…
    for some reason I don’t think the nbl is there yet.


    Oh They’re there!!


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Call the NBL and they will mail you your move up points.


    Back when I was keeping track I found the NBL helpfull when I called them.They even told me what tracks were up to date with results


    LEE –

    Like everyone told me last year – just move up on your own. You are not a rookie. You need to move to Novice now!

    If I can move up to Ex – you can move to Nov.


    guys it’s 2007. the move up points should be able to be kept track of online and updated monthly.
    Rez is right tho, nbl hq is helpful when ya call em. just would be easier without the hoops.
    hey and Rez is CJ’S track director for 2007. So let’s say hi….
    hey that’s 2 track directors posting here and joining the discussion, gotta b a good thing.


    rez when are we starting work on cj?


    Hahaha thanks craig yeah i want to because i feel like it will only make me a better racer… i would rather get like a 5th nov and be happy that i moved up and advanced so i wanna see how many i have b4 i get bumped up … yupp if it were up to me id be nov this instant! 😈 hopefully i have close to 15 !


    Yoyo…think for a moment about the new kid coming in that has to race you as a rookie…any contest? I think not.
    nuff said.


    yeah guniess that is megggggaaa true.. thats another reason to add to my list of reasons to move to nov 8)


    Welcome Rez! It’s good to have ya. AntDog, big things are about to happen at cj.


    Is that what they call it nowadays, “keeping track”. Call it what it is. You were sandbagging Mikey. Mannino will tell you the same thing! 😈

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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