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    Lou Dogg I like your style


    This was never about politics. Adam just calls anyone who doesn’t agree with him a republican.

    adam you’re such a keyboard thug. remember, i can say anything i want any time i want to. i’m so on to you. i’ll be watching you


    This has gotten out of hand. I have asked Brett to lock this thread. I wrote this tread just trying to be funny. I stole the title and the way it was written from a sports columist at the Philadelphia Daily News. The only intention was to get a few laughs. It, apparantly was taken seriously by some people. Honestly, I never intended anything. Contrary to some posts, this was not a political thread, i poked fun at the 80′(I grew up then), I poked fun at the irony of a rock star receiving the liberty medal, Pro athletes that are out of control and everyones favorite topic, clips. It was only after adam chimed in that it took on a political and nasty tone. I am sorry that happened. If I thought that this was going to happen, I certainly would never have posted this.

    with my sincere apology,



    mike,, dont ever say your sorry for saying what you want.. if soneone doesnt like it.. they can fuk off.. its as simple as that


    You all suck.
    And I love you all.
    At the request of the guy who started this thread I am locking it.
    < biggest pussy on the site,

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)
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