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    Okay now i have your attention. WTF is going on. I see kids doing crazy shit in the mags with no helmet on. i DO NOT CARE HOW GOOD YOU ARE, an accident is called that because IT COULD HAPPEN AT ANYTIME. No disrespect to SCOTTY CRAMMER, but if that were me AND I could do half the stuff he could. I would wear a fullface. I HAVE MET HIM AND HE IS A HELL OF A NICE KID. REAL DAMN GOOD TOO. The reason i mention scotty is because alot of kids look up to him, and he could “set the exanple. “

    Alot of kids i have met do not want to wear helmets, because “it does not look cool” But is it cool to be lying in a hospital bed. Proof in point RON WILKERSON. Dude was hearing an open face, and nearly died. But at least he was wearing a helmet! (watch joe kid on a stingray)

    Brett I need your backup on this. Personally I think the gravity games should REQUIRE FULL FACE HELMETS!!!!!!!!! Yeah i said it. I do not “carry alot of weight ” around here, but that does not bother me. My name is BIGANT-DOG for a reason. I have a big mouth! And when i see some thing wrong I bark!!!!!!!!

    What bugs me is kids do not think of the future. back in 94 or 95, I crashed doing someting STUPID! A helmet would have saved me form a concussion, and 13 stitches!!!!!!!! Brett know’s the story. That one crashj affected me to this day. The reason i do not jump anymore is because of that crash. Yeah i may sound like a chicken shit. But I have a fear of getting hurt and i am not afraid to say it.

    Like i said before the reason i mentioned scotty is because alot of the locals look up to him and he is the man in jersey right now. Hell i look up to him!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i had half of his talent. And he carries influence.

    In closing i ask for all you guys help in spreading the word about safety. The last thing we need is hearing. “Damn if only he had been wearing a helmet

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