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    i just read on another site that the usa team travel agency has blocks of rooms already for the worlds for next yr at a price of approx $240/night…. hey is anyone here interested in seeing what kind of better deal nj riders can get?

    i know rich ( as well as many many others after speaking to them this past weekend at pottstown) has had issues with their travel agency and personally i would feel alot better going with a group of nj/ northeast riders maybe getting our own rate/ package….

    i was curious as to why the canadians are already booked into the decent priced hotels and now usa is booked into the 4 star ones. i am not looking for a dump but i think 240/night is a bit much… expedia has much better rates just looking ahead( as far as i can which is 1st week in july)

    does anyone know a travel agent or someone who we can depend on to check this out? i dont have the address of the track to even know where to begin. it sounds early i know but not really if other countries are already booked and not many hotels left accd to what i heard this past weekend.

    we are not definite we are going( first have to see what the qualifications are if they EVER DECIDE) but for that price i cant see getting many folks to go. and thats just room not even eating or sightseeing/ whatever….

    any suggestions from anyone who went this yr as to where to start to look? or is thinking of going? i didnt even check out airfares but i also was told that maybe flying into seattle( keep it domestic) and rent a car/ drive north the 2 hrs may be cheaper??

    the nbl -preferred travel agency is not an option so forget that.

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