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    Direct quote from BMXMania.com from Johan Lindstrom BMX Coordinator for the 08 Olympics:

    BMX Mania – Do you have any idea how much TV coverage will be allotted to BMX Racing during the Olympics?

    Johan – For those who think BMX will be just a 5 second highlight in between artistic swimming heats at the Olympics are in for a surprise. The BMX event is actually scheduled so it will be prime time live in US (10.00-11.30 PM on east coast and 7.00- 9.30 PM on West coast). All of this on the direct request from NBC (host broadcaster of the Olympic Games). US should be stoked, you will be able to kick back with a beer and watch the Olympic BMX finals live on NBC Thursday night……. The poor Europeans need to get up at 4.00 AM in the morning. Trust me; there will be some awesome coverage. NBC wants to blow this up as they did with Snowboard halfpipe at the 2002 Salt Lake City Games.

    Right now we are working very closely with the Executive Producer of the Olympic Games, and I think the actual production will blow everybody’s mind! There will be wire cameras on top of the track, helmet cameras, rail cameras – you name it. In total there will be over 20 cameras covering the race. It will be a TV production never seen before – all in High Definition.

    That’s it folks, BMX will be primetime international Olympics NEWS.
    We have a shot, let’s get ready.
    ’cause when the new batch of s-bags come crawling in to “do good” for BMX, (read: exploit) it will be up to those who stuck with it to weed those d-bags out.
    Carpe Diem. 1.5 years and counting.

    For the full interview go here:http://bmxmania.com/johan06.htm

    That little blurb about J-Rich…bothers me though. Anytime ANYONE, says that the riders should not have a voice is DEAD WRONG.
    Ask Phil D how all the pros felt about racing…not riding…racing on the San Jose track.

    Johan should sorta realize the reason that freestyle BMX got so big is that the riders took charge of the direction of their sport.

    Listen to the freaking riders for gods sake!


    Brazil World Events – 2001 – Great event with an awesome track and a giant crowd. 2006 – Worst Worlds since I started in the UCI, nothing worked. We learned a lesson though….

    I firmly agree with that.

    The J-Rich potshot sucks.


    Wow LIVE in Prime time!!!!! NICE.
    20 cameras amazing coverage.

    Heres my prediction for the Olympics. Lots of coverage and a quick increase in riders and tracks. Outside sponsors will step up a bit.
    The new riders will find most ABA and alot of NBL tracks dangerous and just not race or quickly quit.
    Outside sponsors wont see enough attendence to sponsor events and pull out.
    BMX racing will continue, forever, but will never be as big as it once was, even with the Olympics, unless a new sanction rises up and takes control.

    Tons of parents will see an insane track with nasty crashes and go ‘my childs not doing that!’ The rest of the kids will quickly find out riding a modern track is not fun for new riders and leave. The jumpers that could handle racing a track, dont like racing anyhow, and were back to square one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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