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    I went to Trumbull today and as always lots of Jersey guys were there, but not as many as I expected. I was surprised at there only being 85 Motos, but there was 3 gates of Elites and Phillly D pulled yet another sweet move in the last turn to take home the bacon on day 1.

    GHP Northeast made a good showing and brought home some hardware. I am very proud of everyone on the team as they fought for every inch on that track today. Too many great performances to list here, but they all did great!

    I do believe the Farside duo doubled today with fellow Hyper dude Jud C. bringing home 2nd in 35x (unfortunately I was watching this one from the side line for a change – hopefully tomorrow will turn out different.)

    Dan “ladies man” Smith was killin it today, but not sure of his main finish. Jim Mulhern and GHP Northeast CT state team rider Dan Buckner were in that main as well.

    Sorry to say I don’t have a better report nor the commentary skills of Caveman (I guess its not so easy a caveman could do it, huh?) but thats all for now.

    Oh, one last thing: can some tell me if there were separate 5/6 nov, 7 nov & 8 nov classes, how do you justify putting a 6x in with 8x? (no 7x class). Yes, there may have been some rookie combining in there, but I still don’t get it. Hats off to mighty moto micro dude Gabe Hatem for not giving up all day.


    Edit to last post –

    I heard today at the track that Phil did get passed down the last straight and got second yesterday. I know he lost alot of speed making the move he did, and it would have to had been the third place rider that passed for 1st because Phil had Berthiaume tied up. It was an awesome race either way.


    Phil did not win today. I know he had gate 7 in the main with Berthiaume next to him. Wow, fast start, but I could not watch them finish ’cause today I made the 35x main (two motos of 35x same as Saturday). Not much luck there as I came in with 6th. With only 63 motos, they went back to a 3 moto transfer (Sunday’s are nomally 2) to give everyone their money’s worth. I spent all my money in the 3rd moto and didn’t have much left for the main.

    The Jersey crew was rocking as always, but the word was lots of the CT locals were heading to Torrington afterwards. They have a great local program and word is alot of their rooks and novs don’t chase the nats yet so they’ll have a good moto count this afternoon.

    As always the GHP crew made some noise and I’m proud of everyone of them. We rock. 8)


    i saw alot of jersey riders but dont have all the finishes.. dan had solid firsts both days in motos and most qualifiers but the best he could do was 3rd in the main behind wright from fla and larson from ca. they were the top 2 comp in the 17-24x class. it was nice for him not to have 1/4’s only 4 groups- so semis were enough in that heat. he did great in 16/over open taking 1st on sat and 2nd on sun( dont know how they cut the pot almost in half for sunday …but oh well)

    gary transue was holding his own in 15x being he just moved up to x having a loaded class with at least 3 top 3 nat riders w/him made it hard for him to transfer. he is getting used to the move up and has been getting faster each race. luke fillapone was in the other moto and didnt transfer on sat either. his brother pj was out in front everytime i saw him but they didnt stay for sunday.

    victor was riding fast i didnt see his main finish, he had a lot of the faster riders in his group as well.

    the ghp group… see earlier post. they all looked great and seemed to be eating every time i saw them..( haha you guys need MORE food under that tent- craig you will never lose any wt sitting with that crowd…haha)

    timmy sul had a stacked group and made an appearance in full race gear ( yea leathers….in that heat…looking real professional)there were a ton of fast guys in pro open this weekend.

    jimmy mulhern was riding fast no upsets this weekend( crashes) had many 2nds in motos i think he was 4th in the main. didnt stay for sundays race.

    chris koval was leading his moto mostly all weekend with 1sts everytime i watched him, he had the rhythm dialed which was no small feat for the little guys . i was told they were a little too deep for the younger set and it was hard to keep your flow without bobbling..( they were even deeper than that last week then someone filled them in after the nbl track builder left) that 2nd jump out of the 1st turn was a little hard for the smaller riders also as it threw you straight up and if you didnt jump it , it wasnt a nice landing at all… chris said you had to smack it and get right back on without losing a beat. he did fine with it keeping up his speed. there were some other jersey riders with him i forget who they were …sorry bout that.

    farsides were on fire, taylor won and she looked real happy flying down the last straight ( so did mom!!)

    there were more but i cant think of any for now. i have vid of 17-24x mains but i wish i can both days on the same video up on youtube. anyone know how to do that?


    Deb you are a true BMX MOM. 🙂


    no we were lucky to have friends from ct who saved us a tent spot near the finish line ( in back of that ghp dunkin donoughts crowd) so it was easy to try to pick out the jersey riders…


    For the record, the only food I ate in the GHP tent was a Hot Dog AFTER racing Saturday and some very awesome marinated boneless chicken breasts and thighs on Sunday, again after racing. Somehow my kid laid off most of the sugar, too.

    But yes, if you needed a muffin, donut, hot dog, chicken, candy, Bawls, soda, etc, the GHP team tent was the place to be at Trumbull! 😀

    What can I say, my CT parents love to entertain!


    One other cool thing from this past weekend, and I am not making this up:

    2nd moto on Sunday I am laying down in staging. Yes, laying down flat on my back. Next to me is the last moto of the first round, some of the younger cruiser dudes.

    One of them looks down at me and says “I want to be on your team”.

    “That’s great” I say.

    Then I ask him “why?”

    “Because GHP is cool.”

    Boy did that make MY weekend. 🙂

    I then asked where he was from and he said NJ. I recalled him asking me at a previous race. I asked his name and immediately knew who he was but I’ll leave him nameless for now ’cause I told him to have his dad come see me.

    To get this kind of comment is more a reflection of the team than me fo sure, and it tells me what a great bunch we have.


    craig. i get that all the time..

    to be on pbr is to be an elite group of great people and style cats


    Craig. The place sure changed huh? I got pictures of races from the old track. I actually found my old photo album from the 80’s!!

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