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    either triolgy or howell


    I will bring this up again, The track with the most new riders between june21st (when most kids are out of school) and sept 1st should be awarded the championship race. Let the riders decide if this is a GOOD IDEA OR A BAD ONE. And include trilogy in the mix. Screw this I will circulate a petition at CJBMX on sunday. I was supposed to do this before but got sidetracked, well now I am focused, because this needs to be done.


    i am interested in knowing who exactly thinks they have not brought anything to the table and when was this said? at a formal track meeting? was this recently or when.

    lately i am of the thinking that if someone says something about another track or person trying to help a track let them back it up with facts. not this he said she said crap. i am sorry but i have heard so much garbage lately its pathetic. if somoene has a beef with anyone from trilogy or any other track say it in public out in the open not behind closed doors like a coward… but be prepared to back it up with facts…from now on if someone tells me something i want proof…for example if you say this track is taking riders from another track where are the numbers? how many riders? dont speak of something that you imagined or starting rumors that dont exist. you can make stuff up as you go along to satisfy ppl without proof to back it up. if you are non profit then lets see the papers. if you say you spoke to the nbl/aba who did you speak to? lets have it documented if it is at all true. this isnt fantasy land ….

    oh and besisdes volunteering loally whenever they are at nj tracks if you do any nationals you will see the trilogy park folks there as well.. anyone go to the grands? who spent the weekend under the nbl tent at the finish line??? enough said.


    Sounds more like sour grapes from people who are lositn “Their” riders to a better program. Like I said in a different post instead of being destructive and getting rid of a track that is doing well from the series, be constructive, and come up with things that will atract new riders.


    i’m going to make a pretty bold statement that i’m sure will piss some people off, and have others saying “he’s right”

    njbmx NEEDS trilogy park, trilogy park doesn’t need njbmx.


    BRAVO! BRAVO! You are definately a man of wisdom.


    Love the track, and everything is always well organized. I say keep’m in!

    Not to mention they have the best bathroom out of all the tracks! 🙂


    I hope that everyone who believes in the future of BMX racing shows or stays after the awards on Dec. 9th.


    Judgement day is coming- those who have helped bmx shall be blessed.

    those who have done bmx wrong shall be cast into the eternal pits of hell.

    And on Dec 9th that day will come.


    I would like to thank everyone for there support and kind words about our track. We take great pride in our track and riders, anyone who comes to our track is treated like part of our family.

    We have enjoyed our first year in the state series and hope to continue on for years to come.

    We hope that the rumors about our track are just that…..rumors.

    Once again thanks

    Trilogy Park BMX

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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