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    Whats the track at hcbmx like after all the weather will there be a race on the 8th ?


    neither rain nor wind nor sleet nor monsoon….oh what the heck

    you know flemington- it takes a little more than rain to stop that race. the surface is quarrydust which is highly pervious-(did i say that right?) and after 2 weeks of no racing im sure folks are chompin at the bit!

    dont quote me now but i would think that the track held up just fine. if you get there early just in case and lend a hand im sure the track will be in great shape!!

    check the track phone or this site to be sure


    Have no fear! While I have not been there since last Wednesday, after all the BIG rains, only the first straight was in bad shape. We will be there early and I expect the track to be in great shape.


    ok, hold on…pervious?
    Great now I have to go get another wrinkle put in my brain… 😆


    pervious( the opposite of impervious)

    haha since we are in the construction phase i have learned all kinds of lingo…im really impressedi remembered that one..haha… impervious coverage is the part of your house/ garage/ driveway that rain/ water cant seep into…like you are only allowed a certain % of impervious coverage on your lot…

    not sure if the spelling is correct

    theres a wrinkle for ya

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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