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    I’ve been doing some thinking about how to get rider counts up for racing and I realized that last year there seemed to be a lot of stress on one track taking another track’s riders, not one in particular but the constant worry of working each other’s schedules around each other.

    I’ve checked Google Earth and have come to the conclusion that all 4 tracks involved in BMX racing in NJ are at the least an hour from each other if not more.
    That’s 60 miles from each other…
    Which means you have a 60 mile radius to get your rider base from…
    That’s a lot of people…
    If you notice there is a home depot and a lowes within 10-15 miles of each other in NJ all over the place.
    So it seems, at least to me, that the tracks really gotta push that whole promote your track in your area thing as you have absolutely no competition within 60 miles of yourself.
    Imagine if there was only ONE pizza parlor in 60 miles of your house!
    It would be PACKED!
    The only idea that really has some good merit is Mike Vanderhoff’s thinking of having a one weekend track tour, so everyone can have a little fun running from track to track. A “get acquainted” weekend. Might even be a good season starter sometime in the spring.
    But to me all the local tracks involved in NJ need to concentrate on their own promotion of BMX in their radius to grab more riders.
    Come on now racers think outside that box. —


    Come on now racers think outside that box

    Gee i wonder who has been said that before? —


    and you know if the pizza had issues or any type of problems people would still go.. sometimes in life ya have to deal with some crap to get what you want and we need to not only strive for more tracks and more riders but to do what it takes to FIX the problems where ever they are . so in the end people see BMX as a good thing that they want to be apart of if the tracks are bad it just shows bmx in a negative light

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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