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    If any of you are familiar with freestyle there is a series called road fools by props that takes freestyle guys to different areas to shred terrain and play up BMX life.
    I was thinking this might be cool for racing.
    Load up some of the top guys, take them to LOCAL tracks around the country or a part of the country, film them practicing, goofing, doing their style of BMX thing, then racing the locals, and b.s.ing with the local hot shoes.
    road fools does like, S.E, N.E…..racers could do the same.
    I think this could be a big thing for BMX racers, to expose them to each others cultures, ….nbl-aba.
    Does anyone do this right now?
    I know that transit does all the races but it lacks in showing BMX as a lifestyle. I think this type of video would give racers more of their own voice.

    Thoughts, been done before…etc.

    I didn’t post this in the regular forums, cause I dont want someone to steal it, lol.


    I was thinking of something like this. When i raced cars and we lost are home track, we became a traveling club and raced at different tracks all over the NE. I don’t know if you could do this with the younger rides, but maybe a 30 and over openwheels class would work. pick 10 tracks NBL-ABA contact the tracks to set a schedule. i think this would only work with riders that are not conscerned about points and are looking to just have some fun. you could call it the Brokenspokes Tour, and keep points for just that class. Also invite the local 30 and over riders, you never know you just might grab a local from one track that will go to the rest of the tour track and this could snow ball.


    I’d be down

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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