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    Trips To The Competition Congress
    I learned this evening that funds are used from the state organization to send a representative to competition congress. Usually the state commissioner.
    Now I don’t really have a problem with that, but with the state organization constantly saying it’s low on cash maybe the trips on the riders dime should be curtailed till we are at a more fiscally responsible state.
    I need comments on this.
    On a track level.
    Each track can use track funds to send between 1-2 people to CC as well.
    I just feel like the past few years is not the best time to go to a Vegas party.


    Last Year
    How many went to this CC?
    With only 3 tracks in NJ 1 voice should be all ya need.
    Is This a NBL only party?


    I don’t know how many, but I have a feeling this is going to be the thing that makes us a lot of enemies.
    You guys say cool it.


    Guess what? There were 6 or maybe more people that went to Congress from NJ this year. You think they were all telling Bob Tedesco about there new ideas they have or was it just party time?


    The last time I was at EHT two weeks ago (Brett, you were there) there was alot of after race conversations going on and eventually CC came up. Brett, correct me if I’m wrong, but the old guard that was at EHT that night kept lamenting that it did not seem to matter whether or not we went to CC because Bob T. and the crew already had decided everything before hand, CC was just a formality.

    I joked it was just like the teachers convention which alot of teachers use as a reason to party in AC. They all agreed with me that CC wasn’t much different. Hmmm…


    The bottom line.
    Does this bother everyone or not?


    It bothers the hell out of me.
    I’m done, I can’t race till we figure out why all this garbage happened and is happening.
    When freestyle was dead and not one person wanted a hand in it, all of us guys took it over, from myself and my friends doing local stuff to Matt Hoffman and the Bicycle Stunt Series (that eventually got sold to ESPN and melded into the x-games). We loved it and became very skeptical of those in charge of anything, our mindset was, “what are you trying to make off of us?”.
    CC is a joke. Everyone knows this. Everyone complains how the nbl does nothing for the local program, but yet people go to canoodle with the organization. At some point you have to make a stand.
    Boycotting the stupid CC till the nbl gets a decent software package might be a start. Carol Gleason would go there and basically bitch bob out, never meant a thing but at least she had some balls.

    No more racing till we get it together, my money goes to you guys, to make BMX bigger and more well known in NJ….(well not all my money, I need to live, lol)
    there better be a line ithe budget that states x amount went to get x to CC, which actually makes it all cool, we just have to decide whether it should continue. I don’t believe it should.


    It bithers the crap out of me. All we need is 1 person to go maybe 2. If it is just a “party” like mentioned. Why the f*** do we even have one. Because it is an excuse “to go party”


    If they really want to go let em pay out their pocket.


    Someone should go that would return with a honest report that could be posted on this and other BMX sites.


    pete good point!!!!!!!!!! If it is our money that is paying for it. WE should chose who goes. We want someone who is going to REPRESENT us not hit the damn slot machines!!!!!!!!!!!

    ka ching

    I personally think vinnie m. and matt d. and scotty c. should be the ones going. They are the the people that i trust.


    Ant that sounds good, but then the report we get back from them is that it is a big waste of time and nothing gets done…

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