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    Stepping on toes.
    I know one of the things we all think about is the above mentioned statement.
    I was the same way when I got going again with this.
    But ya know what? Sometime ya gotta stomp on the whole damn foot to get the people sleeping to wake up.
    We’re all good guys with nothing to fear, so when we say something it is for a reason.
    Plus, I believe the combined BMX experience just in this little “private” area has got to be over 75 years.
    I think we know something….
    And when someone steps on my toes….well that’s ok, ’cause it usually makes em tall enough so we can see eye to eye.


    Usually, when someone steps on my toes, they always seem to fall down!!!!! I don’t know how it happens but 90% of the time it works!!


    is it really steppin on toes if everyone is out for the same thing– the growth of the sport– ??? everyone has to be on the same page– then it willl be a nonexistent phrase


    You’re right Dave, it’s not stepping on toes now. It’s making a stand.


    If I may add a comment here…it seems to me that the problem with the growth of the sport in NJ is that the same people that have been running the organization for years are still in control.
    Now, be that as it may, that may not be a bad thing IF the group is openminded and are alway striving to better the sport by introducing new ideas and trying out different things to bolster attendance at races and special events.
    From reading over these topics one at a time it looks like this organization has built up a stone wall and refuses to let anyone in..and from reading over the topics, maybe..and I’ll say this with no intentional accusations at all, they may be breaking the US TAx law if they are non profit and refuse an audit or the “Open Book” requirement that all non profits must adhere to.

    Gentlemen, do yourselves a favor…..don’t throw out rumors. They have a nasty habit of comming back to bite you. However if you request for the records are denied and you feel that there might be a problem or unanswered questions, do what I did a few years ago at my own track…I hired an outside accounting firm to audit the books. I felt that there was a problem and wasn’t satisfied with the response I was getting.
    By hiring a CPA, they MUST Relinquish the books or the CPA notifies the IRS, which in turn then will DEMAND the books.

    You don’t say no to the IRS.

    You may be suprised that all that $$ that some may think is out there or might have been misspent actually went to where it was supposed to go. It takes a ton of wampum to run these types of organizations. I know what it takes to run one track, I can only imagine what it takes to run a statewide system.
    So, on that note, be professional about it. Show them that you mean business. Don’t go at it with one voice in the wilderness..go at it with one voice as a united front!



    You’re absolutely right. But that whole stone wall thing is the reason that I’ve gone and done this here. The only time that I personally have ever seen anything that resembles the books is a pie chart with vague numbers on it at a state race. Personally, I’m sure that they have kept things on the up and up, I just feel like they’ve become a bit lackadaisical over the years.
    But we are digging into things and have a CPA looking into the returns.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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