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    Have a peek.

    Three pics.
    Three ages.
    Two different locations.
    Pawson at CJ.
    Sorensen at CJ.
    Seawright at Woodbridge.
    All BMXers.
    Ya see, it all boils down to jumping and throwing a tabletop. The kids don’t care about #1’s, and all the high pressure BS, they want to BUST OUT, do their thing, some will be real good, others not, others average.
    All aspects of BMX have the same root factor.
    BMX is an outlet for a creative mind.
    The riders hold all the keys.
    They guard the doors.
    Listen to them whether they are 8 or 48, they will tell you what you need to know.


    damn brett.. awesome pics.. especially the third one.. that guy got skilllllz


    dont brake your arm dave


    flemington SCHEDULE says they are open on the 28 of april are they. or not do to national in VA. 😕


    they are open and racing this weekend. i think i heard an announcement that they would have the double race that day also… maybe ask on the njbmx forum. i tried i cant get on for some reason….


    So not all the tracks shut down hmmmmmmmmm


    Brett unfortunately some of us do care about #1’s. I tried for years to get a district number 1 and never did. I always looked up to the top riders with low numbers. I chased points in 79 (novice) 80 and 81 (expert) and 89 and 90 as a Cruiser. 5 years of chasing points (other years raced, just didnt chase points) and no number 1. To this day it bothers me that the only number 1 I earned was taken from me by the ABA, to get a track to run ABA (that was 79).

    It also bothers me that I never got to race with a #1 on my plate. Ive gotten #2 a few times and #4 and #6 but never a #1.

    I can still picture Stu’s number one when he rode for SE. I can still picture Sal Zeuners #1 when he rode for Thruster. I can still pictures Richs #1 when he had Bicycle World on his plate. I’m chomping at the bit to chase that number 1 plate but todays tracks are just to dangerous.

    But when I wasnt at the track I was building jumps or jumping them. I only stopped building jumps and riding in fact in 2000. I always liked free riding, but liked it more when it was part of my goal of getting a number 1.


    style points are way more desirable than a #1..the nuymber will go away.. but the style will last forever


    word, its nice out


    Brett unfortunately some of us do care about #1’s.

    Well, I’m not gonna stand here and lie to everyone, I was pushing hard to get a #1 BITD as well and was pretty stoked when I got the #1 NJ4 aba cruiser in ’83.
    But, my point was sorta, the reason I ever even started the quest was,

    it felt good to jump that BMX bike.

    I think that more reasonably explains my logic.

    Just wanted to point out I wasn’t bagging on people who do pursue titles and the like.


    You bastard Brett you got a number 1? Man everyone got a number 1 but me. But yeah, I feel ya Brett, I didn’t start racing to get a number 1 either lol. In fact I didn’t even know they gave out numbers when I went to my first race.

    My racing started as I pointed out in a Vintage thread was just bunnyhoping puddles and jumping over trash cans with wooden ramps. Long before I knew what a NBA or NBL was.

    BTW we used cinder blocks to make the ramps. If I remember right it was two cinder blocks upright like on a wall and one on its side to jump the trash cans. Please do not attempt this at home without adult supervision.


    i was nj state number 1 in 1993 in 17 and over novice..

    back then it was 17 and over novice and 18 and over x.. that was racing.. fo sho.. none of this age seperation they have now.. racing is easy compared to 1993


    No way- what sanction had a number 1 plate for Novice lol??


    national bicycle league

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