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    That is all i have to say. 8) 😀 8) 😀 8) 😀 8) 😀


    Trilogy is officially part of NJBMX.
    Scott Cranmer is still Commissioner.
    Lisa is still Secretary.
    Lots of forward progress has been made.
    The awards are cool.
    And it’s my belief that we’ve stepped beyond the dogma of the past.

    It’s also my belief that nothing would have gotten done the way it did this year if not for the board that NJBMX had.
    Rock on.


    can you post the award winners here for those of us who didnt get there in time?

    riders choice
    rider of the year
    stirley awards

    oh btw… nice program too!


    Riders Choice was
    Male Jeremy Knapper
    Female Taylor Farside
    Stirley Awards
    Male- Victor Behm Sr. (RIP bro)
    Female- Lisa Heath

    Those are all I got, I also tried to mention whomever I could remember which is everyone,
    next year, if people want me to do it, I’ll write stuff down.

    I also and I am so sorry, wanted to thank the Gleasons and their daughter Kelly for their help in the early days, but I forgot in the middle of everything so was not able to make a public announcement. Kelly passed not to long ago and she should be remembered for her contributions made in the early 80’s in areas such as….
    and clerking.


    THe program was Craig’s idea and the artwork was by Lee Matos of MadMedia Blitz who came up with the state logo this year.


    The Bob Warnicke memorial award was also giving out today to none other than Brett himself.

    The award was for the person who promoted the sport of BMX the most this season.


    congratulations to all!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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