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    just got home. p-town really has their stuff together. met jeff upshaw (man did him and phil have a hell of a race.details to come, need to sleep.


    yes, today was very good. Everyone on GHP Northeast had a great time and went out and rode their best. I am very proud of them.

    I finally felt like I did some solid racing in what was a very stacked 35x class (3 racks – semis). Unfortunately I did not put my best race together in the semi and found myself sitting on the sideline for the main. Okay, so I had Farside, Gustafson, Gagnon, Meaker & McMurray in my semi, but I know I could have raced better and been in a position to make a move. Time to go out and do more sprints!

    I personally met Clint (Airport FF) today and we talked about the new track in North Jersey. Lots of good stuff going on.

    And Ant is right, what an amazing race between Delizia & Upshaw. It looked like Upshaw would walk away with it, but Phil tracked him down and made a phenomenal move in the last turn to win it all. It was THE race of the day, as the Pro main should be.

    I will not be back tomorrow, but am looking forward to seeing everyone at CJ for the state races!


    Trilogy Park definatly set the bar for the nationals i think we can be expecting another national again

    The races went amazingly

    after the race
    bunnyhop competion went smooth

    a local band played
    sincerly monroe

    Ice cream party thing or w/e it was
    was a hit

    Karoke i think was the best part

    If Rich Farside sees this just rember
    that i’m your genie in a bottle

    HAHAHAHAHA have to be there to understand

    and BMX LEGEND did good singing too lol


    @CrazyCraig wrote:

    I personally met Clint (Airport FF) today and we talked about the new track in North Jersey. Lots of good stuff going on.

    Craig it was great putting a name to a face. We intend to keep everyone informed on the progress. Ginny (my ex) is going to be in contact with Donna at the NBL this week and have her come to the meeting to make the presentation. I have a lot of background video to add to it. The meeting is next Saturday.

    Ant…Matt (my son on the pink felt) said that Pat is a damn good kid. Be proud to have him on your team. It’s a shame that there weren’t more 14 novs there. But you race the race just the same.


    it was definitly a great weekend.. so much fun

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