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    I have been thinking we need to bring rider count up. And we can also change the state series. Instead of rotating where the championship is held. How about this.

    The track that Brings in the most riders over the summer gets to host the race. I am talking about new riders first time racers. This will give the “old dogs” some inititative to bring in new blood. Since our state series does not start until may, we have plenty of time to do this.

    I expect to here the negative from some people. But i feel this is a good idea. We could start this a the end of the school year and end it labor day, this way we have plenty of time to count up and determine who gets to hold the race. We already pushed the date to oct 6th for the race. Which was a good idea (loren) So if someone can give me a REAL GOOD REASON why this can’t work go ahead, but i do no think anyone can.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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