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    I got this from vintage.

    All to often we complain and moan about sanctions and/or riders. This weekend I saw something different. On both days between semis and main in Morristown, alot of pros and experts were riding the track. While about 99% of these riders did there own thing, Tommy Board and Jeffery Upshaw did something different. They went to see 2 different groups of kids in the stands. These 2 groups of kids probably 3 or 4 in each group wanted a hand shake or a high 5. While some of the riders looked like they were going out of there way to avoid these kids, the 2 class act guys above went over to say hey to them. That is class. I understand if the other riders wanted to get there frame of mind before mains, I understand that, but when you see them stop in front of the kids and not even look at them or say hey you know come find me after the main I’ll hook you up then, kind of sucks for the little guys. Just wanted to say that Dans Comp and Kuwahara picked up some class act guys and it shouldnt go unoticed

    here is the link to the thread.


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